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Law of Attraction

What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

What you think and say everyday will in some form or another appear in your life whether as a situation, a person or an object. The fact you are reading this particular blog post or searching through my site,, brought you to me.

Like attracts like; nevermind the magnetic poles you learned in Science (due to the delocalised electrons from the metal’s atom), we are dealing with the abstract here, ideas.

It brings me great joy, when I look at my site statistics, to know that people around the world, however few they may be, have taken a portion of their time (a time that is limited on this Earth in comparison to the age of the Universe) to view my ideas. An exchange of ideas between minds, yours and mine. To me, that shows I have made a difference, however small it may be. One of my life’s purposes is to spread ideas.

I have read how the Law of Attraction played a part in one of my idol’s life, Arnold Schwarzenegger; when he wanted to achieve something so bad, he would visualise his future self and his future life, let that submerge into his Subconscious Mind and then he would work tirelessly towards it in the present time no matter the setbacks.


World Chess Board

Previously Afghanistan and Iraq were at the centre of the world’s equivalent of the chess board. Control the centre of the chess board and you control the rest of the board. This game of epic proportions.
Libya was a skirmish, like a flank attack when the chess player makes his moves using the Knights and Bishops supported by pawns, but it was not the centre of the chess board so it is largely unimportant compared to Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Iran controls a narrow strait that allows ships carrying oil to pass through.
Read Zbigniew Brzezinski’s 1997 book “The Grand Chessboard” for more information.

The idea of a Soul.

The idea of a Soul represents the most important thing within us that is preserved upon death but I find it isn’t explained properly how a Soul is preserved by the belief systems of today’s organised religion.

One question would be, how can a Soul be preserved if we keep changing throughout our entire lives e.g. were I to suffer Amnesia today or any other day, my personality would not be the same so would I have the same soul? It’s the same with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in Total Recall where he wakes up on Mars, realises that he has undergone hypnotherapy without being aware of it and his previous alter-ego, Hauser, had masterminded a plan to manipulate the current persona of Schwarzenegger’s character, Douglas Quaid, in a devious plot to enslave the Martian population in partnership with Quaid’s nemesis, Vilos Cohaagen. So although Quaid and Hauser have the same body, they are entirely two different “souls” working against each other, an aspect that complicates the idea of a soul.

Plus there are other factors to consider like how the environment and Genetics interact with this concept of the Soul. My opinion on an alternative theory of the soul developed through talking with my fellow Facebook friends. From my discussions with them, I have come to realise and accept that perhaps there isn’t a Soul but in actual fact there is the Unconscious mind, where all our hopes, dreams, fears, nightmares, instincts, everyday experiences etc. are stored and only come out in our dreams, through interpretation of the way we react to images or objects called projection or body language we show which we are not aware of when we interact with people in our daily lives. You know that saying, “the company/ army/ Government/ drugs/ money owns your soul”, that could mean in my interpretation that these organisations or objects have such a strong influence on us that it is ingrained in our Unconscious Mind and affects what we think of constantly and our habits.

On the idea of Reincarnation, perhaps Carl Jung’s work on the Collective Unconscious may shed light why certain groups of people believe in reincarnation. The Collective Unconscious is made up of symbolic Archetypes; these Archetypes appear essentially in every Myth and culture which shows it is universal and isn’t made up by our own individual experiences (which make up our own individual Unconscious Minds). You can say that the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious are akin and equivalent to our instinctual behaviour from the moment we are born, thus you can say that the instincts of the previous generations who have passed away and the newborn has been preserved as they are all connected to this universal, omnipresent Collective Unconscious regardless of Time, Space and Culture. It is here that there is a preserved continuity.

I think, therefore I am.

I think, therefore I am = my inner world is a reflection of my external reality or the second I die, all brain processes and consciousness ceases to exist so the subjective Self identified as Josh ceases to exist.
“I think” may mean the formulation of my supposed life goals/ meaning of life/ dreams/ what I want, which then leads to exist in the way that I am. Or I think, therefore I am may refer to the multiple Selves, where one part of the Ego is involved in thinking, the other Ego is involved in existing much like how the person that I am now is very different to the person I am in a workplace or when I am stressed.

Rage poem

What started as a small ember or glow from distant past now transforms into something felt as a growing internal fire within, clouds the judgement and vision much like how black, carbon, soot-like smoke from large chimneys engulfs things and people below or around it,

blackens judgement and vision like a pass through a dark, tight tunnel or a stroll through a street with broken streetlamps or even rehearsing the Dark Ages,

growing larger in height and intensity with every intangible, negative thought chucked casually and carelessly into the barbecue grill fireplace, so much so that this inferno boils the wine, rapidly inflates/deflates the pink, rubbery balloons,overturns tents and garden tables/ chairs on a windy day, all to create a personal Pandemonium.

Unrequited poem

Glancing at a photo or the mere mention of you reminds me of preconceived should and could have beens,

possibilities and probabilities all coalescing into that one single moment of confirmation that brings forth a sense of clarity from the myriad, confusing possibilities and uncertainty,

while simultaneously gifting a lasting taste,

much like the aftertaste of a bitter drink or the phantasmal linger of a lost limb or perhaps the constant reminder of a scar tissue in a conspicuous place while looking at a self-reflection casually or in haste.

A bitter pill to take despite the awareness and knowledge that it was for the best,

better to not mull too long over such things lest I am dragged to a dark, bottomless pit.