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A brief overview of how the Universe began according to OCR A-level Physics.

1) At the start of the Universe, it was very hot/ extremely dense/ singularity.
2) All forces were unified (my thoughts: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear). (my thoughts: Force is a component of energy as energy in the form of work is force applied to a particular direction/ distance like a person pushing a heavy object to a location).
3) Expansion led to cooling. (my thoughts: As the further particles go, the less they collide so their kinetic energy decreases and the pressure they exert decreases so temperature decreases).
4) Quarks/ leptons soup form (my thoughts: I don’t know why, perhaps the Scientists at Large Hadron Collider may discover how this came about).
5) More matter than anti-matter (my thoughts: possibly because of quarks and leptons combining into protons, neutrons and electrons).
6) Quarks combine to form hadrons/ protons/ neutrons.
7) Imbalance of neutrons and protons creates primordial Helium.
8) Atoms are formed (my thoughts: as Helium nuclei fuse to heavier nuclei).
9) Gravitational force is responsible for formation of stars/ galaxies.
10) Temperature becomes 2.7 K/ 3 K or the universe is saturated with cosmic microwave background radiation (my thoughts: as that leftover energy is not being used or converted into matter so it stays as background radiation).


The Planes of Reality

We are living in one plane of Reality, living in another one while we sleep. Madness and delusion are another plane of Reality. A plane of Reality is a 3-Dimensional domain you are in and conscious of as far as your five senses can detect. A plane of Reality is built on the foundation of Truth but Truth isn’t really absolute as it is a product of your own Perception. Perception originates from your brain-Mind.

An example to highlight the above is, how do you know the table, chair, window, computer screen etc. is in front of you? It’s because you can taste, touch, smell, see it i.e. those senses are your Perception. So what you sense is what your brain is telling you, otherwise if you had no brain, you would be unable to sense things and you would be just an inanimate object. Your senses are telling you that you are living in this world or “Plane of reality” as what I would like to call it and so your senses dictate what is the Truth for you. But what if you or someone else became mad or delusional, surely if you or that other person had a different perception of things, surely you can agree they or you exist in a Plane of Reality which they believe to be true even though it may be entirely different to your perception and Plane of Reality?

Or how about a Dream you experience where you can smell, taste, see things even though it does not last when you awake, surely even in those moments they were real and part of the Truth, yes? Thus the Dream is another world/ Plane of Reality you enter occasionally.
Science can verify the Truth about the world through experiments and repetition but there will be anomalies that don’t totally agree with the Science experiment’s hypothesis, hence Science isn’t 100% true.
When it comes to Politics, Religion, Art, Wars etc, because we have an individual brain-Mind, we can only see or focus on one aspect of the world/ Plane of Reality and this starts to become tricky when it comes to the Truth as these topics are about belief and opinions which is where the concept of Truth being a product of your perception applies to.

The Interconnectedness of things

When you imagine how the animal/plant cell is held together by intermolecular forces and how it is formed from elementary particles like Quarks, then you will see the value of learning Physics and it will motivate you.

Quarks form protons and neutrons. Neutrons and protons form nucleuses. Leptons are electrons. They combine to form atoms. Atoms make cells and other biological structure.

Atoms, compounds and molecules all interact with each other in the body or outside the body.

Atoms, compounds and molecules all interact with each other in the body or outside the body. 2 “up” Quarks and 1 “down” quark make a proton. 1 “up” quark and 2 “down” quarks make a neutron.

Alpha, beta particles and gamma rays released from an unstable nucleus interact with the human body or the atomic structure of a material. When I see the beautifully geometrical and coloured shapes of the alpha helix DNA, I think of mathematics, angles and Art. When a musician plays an instrument, they are manipulating sound waves and how they pass through a medium such as air particles such as the frequency, pitch etc. In effect, the musician is transferring energy.

It’s all interlinked.


It’s interesting that you are an example of living History with your surname, a bunch of symbols. Those sequence of symbols belonged to your ancestors and their ancestors before them, changing in appearance or completely along the way, through the passage of time.

It’s all Information transmission. Your DNA from your ancestors are like 0 and 1 digits on a computer screen that has copied and changed over time with each great grand parent and grand parent you had. The surname you have was known in an entirely different form but has over the years undergone many variations and changes because the passing of the name to the next generation was due to the environment/ culture at the time.

The conquering of countries by the Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, British etc is all really process of passing information i.e. the death of one culture (which is a collection of ideas/ data) to be replaced or amalgamated by the occupier’s culture (another set of ideas/ data), all on top of the dead bodies of those who fought to keep their culture/ country from being invaded by empowering their leader, who represented those ideas, should they have won. Then those dead bodies decompose and the information they carry (DNA, bones) are stored in the Earth or taken up by bacteria and other decomposers.

History is the study of data/ idea transmission with significant Human variance.

I’m coming from a Science perspective, not the typical Historian’s view.

I wanted to simplify it like how Physicists simplify all the seemingly different Phenomena into one big Theory Of Everything.

Is morality intrinsic?

I like to do away with vague metaphysical terms like “intrinsic”, especially with the question of if morality is intrinsic. It’s not precise enough.

For people who kill like ISIS and for people like us who feel disgust, it seems to be how our brains and the environment we live in deciding the morality of things.

I haven’t read Friedrich Nietzsche work featuring the “Will to Power” concept yet but he mentioned another concept the “Master – Slave morality” and this is where I see how his idea is true. Perhaps there is no morality, only Power that comes in the form of survival of the fittest for individuals, working together for groups that are weak individually and the Justice system to keep the individuals and slaves in balance. If there is no Justice system in place, then there will be anarchy and the ruling Elites would lose profit/ control. The Masters in the modern context are the company CEOs, Politicians, Aristocrats etc while the Slaves are the working class, the poor, you and me, the soldier sent into the front lines to die for the sake of occupying foreign land for oil/ diamonds/ gold/ land etc.

Monkeys show similar behaviour to us because an experiment was conducted in which two capuchin monkeys were given a type of food; one monkey received a grape every time it cooperated with the Scientist whereas the other monkey only received cucumbers whenever it cooperated. After this experiment was conducted many times, the monkey that only received a cucumber began to realise he/ she was being treated unfairly because he/ she was aware that the other monkey kept receiving the grapes so he/ she responded by throwing the cucumber back at the Scientists. This explains why there are groups like Occupy Wall Street and other groups that are Left wing/ Socialists.

Of course, some philosophers say that morality is an emotional reaction, though I can’t remember the philosopher who said this, which is true because upon reading the first few pages of a book called “Confessions of a sociopath” by M. E. Thomas, she stated that when she found a baby Opossum struggling to swim to safety in the pool, she decided to kill it by submerging it with a net but gave up, letting it die a slow death. She didn’t feel any guilt, no remorse, no empathy for the animal, only that it was an inconvenience and needed to be gotten rid of so that her pool could be disinfected and used for a swimming lesson. She saw no benefit in keeping it alive. The same goes for serial killers like ISIS/ IS, the criminals in the big city etc.

There is also the cultural and environmental element involved as well; some cultures regard certain practices as acceptable while others don’t like Honour killings, marrying cousins etc while children or adult born or conditioned in an environment that is violent are likely to be violent.

Becoming an Idea/ Ideal.

Radical Islamic Terrorists, French Foreign Legionnaires, Samurai, Crusaders and Japanese World War 2 kamikazes all seem to be very different on the outside and are separated by vast oceans of time but when you look past that, they appear to be fundamentally one and the same.
When I was talking to one of my Facebook friends, Cody Funk, I learned from him that people who dedicate themselves to an Idea/ Ideal destroy their Ego and become more than they really are. That got me thinking, when they undergo the transformation of the Ego destruction to embody an Idea/ Ideal, they tend to override all sense of self-preservation and cannot be swayed so easily with money, Power or other worldly things and instead devote themselves to achieving this new purpose they made which exists as Symbols in the realm of their Minds.

I read from a post on about “The Power of Symbolism: Why burning the Quran Is Disturbing” and it presented an interesting idea that Symbols are our way, as humans, of coping with our frailty and finite lives and meeting our need of wanting to be part of something larger. It is when those symbols are desecrated e.g. burning a country’s flag, attacking a country, burning a Bible/ Quran/ cross, football team banners, mocking a God etc that we feel insecure , destroys the idea of us wanting to be part of something larger and reminds us of our mortality.

The Symbols that are ingrained in our Minds start to take a life of their own and we begin to feel and express love for it as we do for a lover or family member according to “The Brain Sell” by Dr. David Lewis which explains why most people are fooled to buy branded items like Gucci, Armani, Rolex etc.

It is this love for Symbols that makes us do anything to achieve what these symbols suggest or represent like spending excessive amounts of money on the branded items or maybe even killing other people who don’t represent or support that Symbol. Soldiers and Kamikaze fighters say they die for their country, which in their minds is the flag symbol, when in actual fact, they will kill as a way to express their love for that flag Symbol. The same goes for Radical terrorists who do disgusting things as a way to express their love for their idea of God.