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A brief overview of how the Universe began according to OCR A-level Physics.

1) At the start of the Universe, it was very hot/ extremely dense/ singularity.
2) All forces were unified (my thoughts: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear). (my thoughts: Force is a component of energy as energy in the form of work is force applied to a particular direction/ distance like a person pushing a heavy object to a location).
3) Expansion led to cooling. (my thoughts: As the further particles go, the less they collide so their kinetic energy decreases and the pressure they exert decreases so temperature decreases).
4) Quarks/ leptons soup form (my thoughts: I don’t know why, perhaps the Scientists at Large Hadron Collider may discover how this came about).
5) More matter than anti-matter (my thoughts: possibly because of quarks and leptons combining into protons, neutrons and electrons).
6) Quarks combine to form hadrons/ protons/ neutrons.
7) Imbalance of neutrons and protons creates primordial Helium.
8) Atoms are formed (my thoughts: as Helium nuclei fuse to heavier nuclei).
9) Gravitational force is responsible for formation of stars/ galaxies.
10) Temperature becomes 2.7 K/ 3 K or the universe is saturated with cosmic microwave background radiation (my thoughts: as that leftover energy is not being used or converted into matter so it stays as background radiation).

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The Planes of Reality

We are living in one plane of Reality, living in another one while we sleep. Madness and delusion are another plane of Reality. A plane of Reality is a 3-Dimensional domain you are in and conscious of as far as your five senses can detect. A plane of Reality is built on the foundation of Truth but Truth isn’t really absolute as it is a product of your own Perception. Perception originates from your brain-Mind.

An example to highlight the above is, how do you know the table, chair, window, computer screen etc. is in front of you? It’s because you can taste, touch, smell, see it i.e. those senses are your Perception. So what you sense is what your brain is telling you, otherwise if you had no brain, you would be unable to sense things and you would be just an inanimate object. Your senses are telling you that you are living in this world or “Plane of reality” as what I would like to call it and so your senses dictate what is the Truth for you. But what if you or someone else became mad or delusional, surely if you or that other person had a different perception of things, surely you can agree they or you exist in a Plane of Reality which they believe to be true even though it may be entirely different to your perception and Plane of Reality?

Or how about a Dream you experience where you can smell, taste, see things even though it does not last when you awake, surely even in those moments they were real and part of the Truth, yes? Thus the Dream is another world/ Plane of Reality you enter occasionally.
Science can verify the Truth about the world through experiments and repetition but there will be anomalies that don’t totally agree with the Science experiment’s hypothesis, hence Science isn’t 100% true.
When it comes to Politics, Religion, Art, Wars etc, because we have an individual brain-Mind, we can only see or focus on one aspect of the world/ Plane of Reality and this starts to become tricky when it comes to the Truth as these topics are about belief and opinions which is where the concept of Truth being a product of your perception applies to.

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The Interconnectedness of things

When you imagine how the animal/plant cell is held together by intermolecular forces and how it is formed from elementary particles like Quarks, then you will see the value of learning Physics and it will motivate you.

Quarks form protons and neutrons. Neutrons and protons form nucleuses. Leptons are electrons. They combine to form atoms. Atoms make cells and other biological structure.

Atoms, compounds and molecules all interact with each other in the body or outside the body.

Atoms, compounds and molecules all interact with each other in the body or outside the body. 2 “up” Quarks and 1 “down” quark make a proton. 1 “up” quark and 2 “down” quarks make a neutron.

Alpha, beta particles and gamma rays released from an unstable nucleus interact with the human body or the atomic structure of a material. When I see the beautifully geometrical and coloured shapes of the alpha helix DNA, I think of mathematics, angles and Art. When a musician plays an instrument, they are manipulating sound waves and how they pass through a medium such as air particles such as the frequency, pitch etc. In effect, the musician is transferring energy.

It’s all interlinked.

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Infinity/ Paradox

Infinity is Paradox and Paradox is Infinity. Yes, zero divided x times proves that statement. Fascinating.

If I split “Nothing” into x times, then it wouldn’t be nothing but something, they would be parts of “Nothing” but “Nothing” can’t have any parts as it is nothing. So, paradox.

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Selfishness, selflessness and other random thoughts.

Herein lies the paradox. Consider the Golden Rule made by the great Sage Confucius. Confucius stated, “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself” and that is a very nice rule indeed, a rule that I generally live by and which mostly in others is lacking much to my annoyance. When you read that Law, take note on the latter part “you would not choose for yourself” and see that despite trying to be selfless and good by treating others well, you first have to think about yourself and the actions done to yourself before you can begin to treat others ethically. Hence by being good and helping others, you in fact are helping or thinking about yourself in the first instance. When you were born, you weren’t born because you chose to be born, that decision was made because your parents wanted you to be born so they could feel good about themselves and because of the continuation of Mankind; at once, the needs of the community and the needs of the individuals are met, much like a legal contract. When person “A” goes to do a charity event to “feel good about himself” and help the charity in question, he has himself aimed to get a reward which is the release of endorphins and other substances released in the neurons which triggers the feeling of happiness despite helping the charity. Happiness is like a painkiller to help make us at ease with our existence which can be very scary sometimes; the thought that you or I can die at any moment despite the low chances of it happening is still a possibility, the slow but steady progress of the days into months, Seasons and years and how routine your life can be makes you wonder where you are headed in life if there is ever a purpose.

Just thinking about colossal black holes at the Galactic centre in our Universe and possible Multiverses made me feel like my mind wanted to escape my skull, like a feeling of giddiness. With that in mind, it makes you wonder that you are an insignificant germ within the grand scheme of things yet we easily forget that fact because of what’s in front of us which is life, the traffic, going to work, going to school etc. Much like reality in general i.e. my body thinks the furniture around me and the house I live in is solid but it actually isn’t because it’s actually energy with very little disorder or entropy. My eyes don’t see that but Science says it is.

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‘If a tree falls in the forest and no conscious sentience is there to “hear” it fall, does it make a sound?’

If there is no sentient being with the 5 senses nearby to perceive such sound waves, how can it be “Truth”.

A mad/ delusional person may hear and see things within his/ her 5 senses that may be very different to what you or I perceive with the 5 senses, so that is the mad person’s Truth as far as what his/ her sense tell him/ her.

We can only know Truth that is immediately within our 5 senses in our immediate environment, not something far away as a tree making a sound.

Does my perception of the colour “red” equate to your view of “red” or could my view of “red” be your “blue” from your perspective? We don’t know what happens after death because the brain is destroyed and it is the essential component to sense Truth in our immediate surroundings because it computes signals from the 5 senses. For all we know, we could be living in this dream-world (which me and my perception of you are living in) and then when we die, we don’t wake up from that dream-world because there is no functional brain to process the 5 senses we have for our immediate surroundings.

To sum it up, we only “exist” because we think we exist, all because of our brain processing the 5 senses and interpreting our existence as Truth based on what our 5 senses are telling us.

Being aware of our own Truth through our 5 senses makes us conscious and in doing so builds up our Reality or what we think of Reality.

Therefore, the tree, the forest and the sound made when the tree falls does not exist because there was no sentient beings like ourselves to perceive it to exist or to be “true”.

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Those of the writer’s craft are Alchemists; their spells and transmutations from a piece of paper and blots of ink transmute the mental realms of people, potentially changing their perception, which can fundamentally alter the world and Reality.

Moving on from the mental realms, the Alchemists were not far from the Truth in that you could turn any metal into Gold but that would require tremendous amounts of energy to change the atomic structure of the atom’s components (neutron, electron and proton numbers although methinks you could manipulate the Quarks to do this) and that the Gold itself would be radioactive.

Another idea the Alchemists had was trying to find the Elixir of Life to grant immortality which is not far from the Truth as with Science, understanding more about DNA and how to manipulate it to extend our lifespans along with harnessing immortal cancer cells to our benefit, we could in theory make a concoction that would manipulate our genes to grant life extension.

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Wave-particle duality.

“The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave” article post.
That’s an old post; I read that ages ago. Brilliant experiment to corroborate other older evidence on this aspect of Reality. Once you have weird things like this being mentioned, it’s hard to disbelieve combining Spirituality and Science.
Like auras, chakras, paranormal, human physiology and extended capability, ying and yang. Ying and Yang is shown here to be particle and wave, the same with Albert Einstein E = m x c x c (E equals mc squared) where energy is related to mass.
And a wave is energy while a particle is mass.
But energy is also a combination of force and distance in which the force is projected. And force is basically a great change in velocity using Force = mass x acceleration equation
Since gravity is a force, gravity is acceleration or a change in velocity. So gravity is a change in velocity. And since gravity occurs at a distance and is a force, gravity is basically energy in that particular direction.