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Sword of Damocles

Macbeth may have hallucinated whether there was an actual dagger before him prior to him killing King Duncan, but those self-aware know and feel the sword of Damocles placed above their heads. Don’t you feel the weight and keenly shaped tip of the sword of Damocles above your head?

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Those of the writer’s craft are Alchemists; their spells and transmutations from a piece of paper and blots of ink transmute the mental realms of people, potentially changing their perception, which can fundamentally alter the world and Reality.

Moving on from the mental realms, the Alchemists were not far from the Truth in that you could turn any metal into Gold but that would require tremendous amounts of energy to change the atomic structure of the atom’s components (neutron, electron and proton numbers although methinks you could manipulate the Quarks to do this) and that the Gold itself would be radioactive.

Another idea the Alchemists had was trying to find the Elixir of Life to grant immortality which is not far from the Truth as with Science, understanding more about DNA and how to manipulate it to extend our lifespans along with harnessing immortal cancer cells to our benefit, we could in theory make a concoction that would manipulate our genes to grant life extension.

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The Question on Morality.

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.

Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC – 399 BC)
Upon reading the Science Fiction novel “A Thousand Sons” from the Warhammer 40,000universe, written by Graham McNeill, I came across a quote made by one of the main protagonists in the novel, Ahzek Ahriman, in the first few pages, the quote being “the only good is knowledge andthe only evil is ignorance”. It made me consider the quote and what I observed in life or in the news.

The ancient Roman Empire and the Greek Empire attacked other countries and built huge armada to control the land and sea, by doing that they acquired gold, silver, trade, fishing etc. Napolean attacked Venice by taunting it to attack France’s ships thereby it gave Napolean the pretext to attack Venice and take many of its treasures, one being a thick gold plated altar dedicated to Jesus Christ. Likewise, the British Empire fought in the Boer War to subdue the Afrikaners and control the gold mines, attack India to control the spice and opium trade etc. In summary, you can see that much of the conflict in the past and even now was/ is driven by the desires and wants to subdue nations while giving the excuse that it was all done to spread Christianity, bring civilisation to non-Western cultures, war was executed in response to an attack etc. The soldiers of these Empires who carry out the dirty work of their Governments do so because they need and/ or want the job of being a soldier to provide a standard of living as well supply the needs of their families and the soldiers themselves. Other reasons because they are indifferent to what is actually going on in the war which is where the “only evil is ignorance” comes into play because by being indifferent, they are CHOOSING to ignore what is really going on and unwittingly have limited knowledge to know what is actually good. Others fight in wars because they like killing people so it fulfils their need and wants.Other soldiers say “they would dies for their country” and all this patriotic nonsense when in fact what they mean, as pointed out by a fellow philosopher who I can’t remember the name of yet,that they would gladly kill for their country. Again, a need and desire is being fulfilled here, overriding their sense of reason and the ability to be fully aware of what the ACTUAL situation here is which is the taking of one Nation’s resources to be given to another,thus maintaining the old hierarchy of First World, Second World and Third World countries.

Serial killers kill because they are driven by the NEED and DESIRE to become famous and be recognised for their killings even though they know all too well the Law and what it prohibits regardless of culture or nation.

People spend thousands of ££££/ $$$$$ (or other currency) on clothes,televisions, music etc because it sates their needs and desires to feel good, to stroke their ego etc. This may sometimes lead to them overspending beyond their means which could lead them to debt, to crime etc. Despite knowing they are not affluent to have these items,they still do it because their needs and desires override their reasoning. When like another Fashion season arrives, the same people will again spends LOTS of money on a new set of clothing, when a new gaming console arrives, people will gladly pay to acquire it despite the initial price of the console being very expensive etc. Thus the whole cycle of Consumerism starts again. So Socrates quote about goodness consisting of being knowledgeable falls short here because he ASSUMES people would be more of the mind and would be rational to make their decisions when in fact, most people are not e.g. look at protest rallies, the fluctuations of the stock market which are reflection of people’s emotions to changing prices in oil, gold,company value etc. Socrates places too much EMPHASIS on the mind and its capabilities, ignoring the non-mental and physical side of human beings which are generally the dominant.

Surely you must have had the experience of thinking you were friends with people in your class or work, chatting to them casually etc but when it came to when you really needed them or you wanted to speak to them after so many years, they would appear to ignore you after making so many repeated requests or they would ask something off of you and then totally discard you like a piece of rubbish by being very explicit about it aurally. They were never really your “friends” in the first place and had already acquired what they wanted/ needed from you which in their minds is perfectly justifiable. Again, needs and wants dictate right or wrong.

The same with prostitutes or people with dubious preoccupations in South American or Third World countries where there seems to be a prevalent Catholic religion being followed. Their religion dictates what they do to be wrong yet these drug dealers, soldiers, prostitutes etc do it because of the level or poverty which forces them to do the most unpleasant of things.

Then there’s the question and apparent contradiction in all of our societies where Murder is something to be seen as clearly wrong but when it comes to War like in Iraq and Afghanistan, we all seem to be perfectly fine with it, just some group of guys and girls in uniform with weapons butchering another bunch of guys and girls, doesn’t seem to be Murder despite being the same thing. Their governments appear to not punish or jail them for killing. Think about the rapings and killings of civilians going on in wars. Contradiction! Again, it comes back to wants and needs i.e.governments don’t want Murder to occur in their countries because itcauses social unrest but when they carry those same types of killings to other countries, it’s perfectly fine.

What I am suggesting in this rant is a slight modification of Socrates’ ancient quote by putting instead, in light of this disordered discussion,something that appears like this: “the only good is knowledge, the only evil is ignorance provided you reason in a way that is fair and doesn’t harm people directly or infringe on their rights without their consent. Otherwise, morality is generally all about wants and needs.”

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Selfishness, selflessness and other random thoughts.

Herein lies the paradox. Consider the Golden Rule made by the great Sage Confucius. Confucius stated, “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself” and that is a very nice rule indeed, a rule that I generally live by and which mostly in others is lacking much to my annoyance. When you read that Law, take note on the latter part “you would not choose for yourself” and see that despite trying to be selfless and good by treating others well, you first have to think about yourself and the actions done to yourself before you can begin to treat others ethically. Hence by being good and helping others, you in fact are helping or thinking about yourself in the first instance. When you were born, you weren’t born because you chose to be born, that decision was made because your parents wanted you to be born so they could feel good about themselves and because of the continuation of Mankind; at once, the needs of the community and the needs of the individuals are met, much like a legal contract. When person “A” goes to do a charity event to “feel good about himself” and help the charity in question, he has himself aimed to get a reward which is the release of endorphins and other substances released in the neurons which triggers the feeling of happiness despite helping the charity. Happiness is like a painkiller to help make us at ease with our existence which can be very scary sometimes; the thought that you or I can die at any moment despite the low chances of it happening is still a possibility, the slow but steady progress of the days into months, Seasons and years and how routine your life can be makes you wonder where you are headed in life if there is ever a purpose.

Just thinking about colossal black holes at the Galactic centre in our Universe and possible Multiverses made me feel like my mind wanted to escape my skull, like a feeling of giddiness. With that in mind, it makes you wonder that you are an insignificant germ within the grand scheme of things yet we easily forget that fact because of what’s in front of us which is life, the traffic, going to work, going to school etc. Much like reality in general i.e. my body thinks the furniture around me and the house I live in is solid but it actually isn’t because it’s actually energy with very little disorder or entropy. My eyes don’t see that but Science says it is.

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My thought on irony.

Irony is irony because your rod-like perception of a situation is bent and moulded into a new way where you appreciate contradictions, much like a straight rod of iron can be contorted into a new form and function. Hence, an ironic thing or situation is like the metal Iron.

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Analysis of Excalibur(1981 film)

Exaclibur came out of the lake of the Collective Unconscious and empowered King Arthur. Exaclibur, together with the guidance given by Merlin (who came from the subconscious), helped Arthur bring forth order and prosperity in the form of Camelot; the synchronisation and harmonising of the conscious and unconscious. Excalibur symbolically linked Arthur to Merlin.
As Arthur thrived and prospered, so too did the land; he and the land were one.

The Dragon, which Merlin calls forth to power his spells, is an omnipotent entity, a being of pure energy that permeates creation.


Bloodborne lore

Bloodborne game lore:

Cursed Land
Hidden amongst the furthest reaches of the treacherous eastern mountains, the city of Yharnam lies in seclusion.
An affliction has cursed the city for countless ages, an endemic nightmare known only as the Scourge of the Beast.
Those afflicted by this sickness lose all sense of reason, transforming into what can only be described as beasts.
Night after night, “hunters” arise to cleanse the streets of these horrors.

Dark, overcast clouds hover ominously above the city of Yharnam and Yharnam’s many spiked steeples, baroque cathedrals, cobbled stone pathways, mansions and sewers. Yharnam is a labyrinthine city steeped in ancient architecture, almost resembling Victorian London. Upon walking around the winding streets and alleyways, you may begin to wonder why this city seems always so desolate like your city on a cold morning; the carriages are found disused and in a state of disrepair without their horses, there is debris everywhere and great fires have been lit on the wider streets with no celebrant in sight. Surely something is amiss?

Most of the denizens of Yharnam have banded together in motley mobs, armed to the teeth with whatever they could find like pitchforks, sabres, muskets and torches. Their addiction to the life-giving blood ministrations has driven any semblance of self-control and reason from them, now they are beasts or far worse as they attack any outsiders they come across without provocation, much like a pack of rabid dogs would attack a wanderer. The blood is life, as what one important figure used to say. What can be said of allies to your cause, willing or unwilling?

The few remaining denizens of Yharnam, who have not lost their sanity, have decided to board themselves up in their own homes and mansions, hoping that the blood-crazed Yharnam mobs, misshapen Ogres, oversized Ravens and bestial werewolves would leave them undisturbed during one of those Nights; the Nights being those evenings when literally the hellish denizens of Yharnam are set loose..


Drink to forget

Drink to forget,

and greedily gorge on that sweet, fiery nectar,

or drink steadily,

either way the nectar flows and finds its mark,

burns your throat, vocal chords,

and forms rivulets that coil down into a pit, where it consolidates,

transforms, rises and spreads into a warm feeling of novelty,

permeating every fibre of your being,

like small embers spreading into a flame,

which obfuscates all sense of Time, unsettles the steady,

gradually lulling you to the precipice of momentary oblivion,

where you leap into a chasm of

sweet, blissful ignorance,

from the mundane and daily worries.

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Someone on my Facebook asked what Peace was and I wrote this in response to his post.


Whatever is going on inside your Mind is a reflection of your external environment. You can be in peace mentally even though your environment may be chaotic like personal crises, life’s problems. When you are at peace in these ordeals, you are like the eye of the storm, at a place where it is relatively calm even though around you the storm rages. You are centred and balanced, in full control. Like forgiving people who done you wrong, staying calm in life and death situations etc.

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Wave-particle duality.

“The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave” article post.
That’s an old post; I read that ages ago. Brilliant experiment to corroborate other older evidence on this aspect of Reality. Once you have weird things like this being mentioned, it’s hard to disbelieve combining Spirituality and Science.
Like auras, chakras, paranormal, human physiology and extended capability, ying and yang. Ying and Yang is shown here to be particle and wave, the same with Albert Einstein E = m x c x c (E equals mc squared) where energy is related to mass.
And a wave is energy while a particle is mass.
But energy is also a combination of force and distance in which the force is projected. And force is basically a great change in velocity using Force = mass x acceleration equation
Since gravity is a force, gravity is acceleration or a change in velocity. So gravity is a change in velocity. And since gravity occurs at a distance and is a force, gravity is basically energy in that particular direction.