The Path to Knowledge and Truth

Pursuing the Path to Knowledge and Truth is like walking on a steep, rugged, stony, slippery and lonesome precipice. The higher you try to ascend, the more effort and exertion is required to maintain a semblance of the intended direction and destination you first set to achieving once you started at the foot of the precipice. This effort and exertion draws heavily on your physical and mental reserves.

Each trudge, pace, stride is a step closer to the summit and you will see along the way many who have fallen by the wayside, their fragile, flagging Will ebbed and shattered, their vision clouded, they are despondent and exhausted.Many will call to you to join and sit beside them like sirens to hapless sailors, their limited understanding being that by sitting still and watching the world go around them, they will achieve instant satisfaction but they don’t sit still at all and are slipping slowly and surely back to where they started at the foot of the precipice.

Moving past and ignoring such drifters, the higher you climb towards the summit, the more the world around you changes and shifts, what you thought and saw at the foot of the Path isn’t the mode of thinking and perception at the top. As what Robert Greene has said ages past, everything you knew and held dear is put in perspective in relation to the summit, like separate,disparate pieces coming together in an all encompassing puzzle, a deeper and fundamental understanding is gained like the warm feeling of sunlight on a cold, dull day.


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