Monarchy, Prime Ministers and other authority figures.

Queen Elizabeth II is part of a royal dynasty that traces it origins back to the Norman Duke William the Conqueror who claimed the English throne from the Anglo-Saxon kings through brute force and murder at the Battle Of Normandy yet many people don’t seem to notice that fact and its implications. Surely you would be ashamed if you found out that one or many of your ancestors became rich and powerful because they murdered/ stole their way to the top of the social hierarchy? In the case of many European royal dynasties, especially the British royal family, they don’t seem to be bothered at all. In fact, they like to be presented as dignified, proper and morally upright using the Media to help them create this spotless image of themselves which the masses seem to actually buy into and believe in; so many people are buzzing with energy whenever a Royal baby is born, a member of the Royal family goes somewhere, a Royal family member dying etc. Personally, I don’t care. When you look past that veneer of dignity, you really see what the Royal Family and other authority figures are really made of; the first of which I mentioned is that they would resort to anything to get into Power, including killing opposition as shown by William the Conqueror. It has come to my attention that Queen Elizabeth does more than give speeches and appear on camera smiling, her other function is to override the authority of Parliament and the High Court when it comes to Britain’s national interests, especially in the case of banning the natives of the Chagos islands (a former British Crown Colony) from ever returning to their island because the good old United States needed those islands to insert troops and bombers as a platform to help launch their invasions into other nations like Iraq and Afghanistan. Think about it, Queen Elizabeth II issued an order-in-council to override the Justice system which is the executive part of the UK Government, a government that has been democratically elected. Queen Elizabeth II has undermined Democracy all because she is part of the Royal family and her ancestor murdered his way to the top, an that is similar to how dictators and tyrants behave from developing countries where they do as they please regardless of what the people say or the Law dictates. In effect, Queen Elizabeth II is acting like she is above the Law.

Another example of how the British Royal family seem to behave as dictators is in the case of Prince Charles being given the RIGHT to alter ANY law he sees fit to change to suit his needs and advantages before Parliament passes the said law and enacts it which shows that someone with royal blood is able to manipulate the Law without consulting the Public on the matter. UK democracy is a sham! How are we able to have a properly functioning democracy if the Royals and multi-national companies control the UK government for their own interests?

Why is it that the Royals have the right to take a portion of our taxes doing nothing while us, the Commoners, work hard for the rest of our lives? The people in the French speaking parts of Canada were right to label Prince William and Kate parasites while the Royal couple toured in Canada a few months ago. They are parasites. They take our money and invest into land and properties to grow even richer yet even with their wealth, they still take our money. You could say they act like Mafia bosses and warlords of old who exact tributes and tolls to their unfortunate victims. In fact, there is no difference between a Mafia boss, a Royal member, a Prime Minister/ President, certain Religious leaders etc because they need us to survive, they take our money, sanction mass murders or “wars”, dictate to the Media how they should be presented as and not how they really are, own armies etc. People like Genghis Khan fall under this category where they start out as a peasant, lead a gang of criminals to wipe out and conquer opposition, grow in strength to take over a nation and spread their empire. Genghis Khan then proclaims himself Emperor despite the murder he has caused. There was a saying in Wikipedia I came across which underscores this point, this quote being:

In the City of God, St. Augustine tells the story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great, who asked him “how dare he molest the sea”. “How dare you molest the whole world” the pirate replied. “Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you, doing it with a great navy, are called an emperor”.

Let’s also mention the recent sexual scandals in the Roman Catholic Church and how Pope Benedict XVI is somehow involved in that, the 2011 sex scandals in Pennsylvania State University where the school officials were involved etc and how people still follow these authority figures and organisations despite the bad reputation they have generated. This is another feature of authority figures where they are able to still influence their remaining followers despite the controversy surrounding them.


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