It’s interesting that you are an example of living History with your surname, a bunch of symbols. Those sequence of symbols belonged to your ancestors and their ancestors before them, changing in appearance or completely along the way, through the passage of time.

It’s all Information transmission. Your DNA from your ancestors are like 0 and 1 digits on a computer screen that has copied and changed over time with each great grand parent and grand parent you had. The surname you have was known in an entirely different form but has over the years undergone many variations and changes because the passing of the name to the next generation was due to the environment/ culture at the time.

The conquering of countries by the Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, British etc is all really process of passing information i.e. the death of one culture (which is a collection of ideas/ data) to be replaced or amalgamated by the occupier’s culture (another set of ideas/ data), all on top of the dead bodies of those who fought to keep their culture/ country from being invaded by empowering their leader, who represented those ideas, should they have won. Then those dead bodies decompose and the information they carry (DNA, bones) are stored in the Earth or taken up by bacteria and other decomposers.

History is the study of data/ idea transmission with significant Human variance.

I’m coming from a Science perspective, not the typical Historian’s view.

I wanted to simplify it like how Physicists simplify all the seemingly different Phenomena into one big Theory Of Everything.


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