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Time and the Meaning of Life

I am choosing to be decisive, not “having to be decisive”. Time is also always fading into the future (like the sands of time according to Socrates or Plato), this Summer is disappearing steadily much like the previous Summer. September will be upon us soon. The days go by seamlessly like a faded dream, a day of routine, of familiar faces, places and road. Find the meaning of life, the middle part in the time sequence that separates the moment you were brought into this world to the time when you will die or in probability terms, P(chance of dying) = 1, out of a scale of 0 -1. The meaning of life is to self-realise, to have the most impact/ influence you can generate to as many people you know, that which you derive your pleasure and happiness within reason and the Law. Make alliances, break alliances, choose your friends wisely as long as their motivations and actions are aligned to your goal in life. Your surroundings and the people you are with have such an effect that it can change your behaviour, for good or for ill. That is a factor that is within your control to seek self-realisation. What is beyond your control to find your meaning of life is the countless circumstances and possibilities; ignore it, it only saps your mental strength. Once you control the people you are with and put the required amount of hard work, you will find your mark and target in your life. Be like the arrow drawn from a very skillful and determined archer, single minded in purpose, uncaring for what happens around it, only concerned with the target that lays before it. Time streams forward but the resolute arrow does not care.

Be relentless and implacable, like a tank or horseman who surges ahead, crushing anything and anyone that stands in their way.Take note here that you have to be ruthless at times but only if it is within the Law, reason and done so in an honourable way.
Resting/ relaxation are only a means to an end and not the most important thing. Use it as a way to recharge your energy reserves like how scattered soldiers rally to one point before charging off again, their strength renewed. That is purity in purpose and deed.

On a side note, my facebook friend offers another interpretation of the archer and arrow metaphor where instead of you being the arrow, the arrow represents your Will and you are the strong and resolute archer directing yourself at your targets in life.


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