Bloodborne lore

Bloodborne game lore:

Cursed Land
Hidden amongst the furthest reaches of the treacherous eastern mountains, the city of Yharnam lies in seclusion.
An affliction has cursed the city for countless ages, an endemic nightmare known only as the Scourge of the Beast.
Those afflicted by this sickness lose all sense of reason, transforming into what can only be described as beasts.
Night after night, “hunters” arise to cleanse the streets of these horrors.

Dark, overcast clouds hover ominously above the city of Yharnam and Yharnam’s many spiked steeples, baroque cathedrals, cobbled stone pathways, mansions and sewers. Yharnam is a labyrinthine city steeped in ancient architecture, almost resembling Victorian London. Upon walking around the winding streets and alleyways, you may begin to wonder why this city seems always so desolate like your city on a cold morning; the carriages are found disused and in a state of disrepair without their horses, there is debris everywhere and great fires have been lit on the wider streets with no celebrant in sight. Surely something is amiss?

Most of the denizens of Yharnam have banded together in motley mobs, armed to the teeth with whatever they could find like pitchforks, sabres, muskets and torches. Their addiction to the life-giving blood ministrations has driven any semblance of self-control and reason from them, now they are beasts or far worse as they attack any outsiders they come across without provocation, much like a pack of rabid dogs would attack a wanderer. The blood is life, as what one important figure used to say. What can be said of allies to your cause, willing or unwilling?

The few remaining denizens of Yharnam, who have not lost their sanity, have decided to board themselves up in their own homes and mansions, hoping that the blood-crazed Yharnam mobs, misshapen Ogres, oversized Ravens and bestial werewolves would leave them undisturbed during one of those Nights; the Nights being those evenings when literally the hellish denizens of Yharnam are set loose..


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