A new type of war.

There was a time when you knew who your enemies were whether it was a king, queen, prime minister, count, duke etc. In doing so, you could attack them directly. Now, the enemies are not so clear and they hide in shadows and smokescreens by using the Media to distract the masses on what is actually going on in the world. It’s funny how people like Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Chris Hedges paint a very different picture of the world from the one that the Media in the UK portrays where it is all rosy and nice, so much Media coverage on events like the Royal wedding, the Royal baby, Celebrity gossip etc. People like Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Chris Hedges are the Champions of Truth. Yet despite their efforts to inform the masses (which some of us do pay attention to), the vast majority seem content under their government to not take action and revolt. Instead they would prefer to watch soap operas and tv shows like X-factor/ Britain’s got talent because they don’t want to face Reality, the Reality being that all Major and Super powers are “Great” because of the dirty wars they execute. Caesar, Ramesses II and Alexander are “great” because of the atrocities they committed to achieve their goals.

I always thought the Media is like a power in its own right, a faction that has a significant affect on our day-to-day lives and Politics. It’s a kind “soft” power because it manipulates people into doing things that it wants through persuasion, it’s not a “hard” power like the UK or the USA which uses force to compel any country or person to do what it wants them to do as in the case of Libya, Iraq, British India, Hong Kong etc. The Media is generally politically skewed and would bend the Truth to advance its own needs and interests. This raises a point that is the Media is not trustworthy and would only look out for itself, then how is a Democracy supposed to function properly if people are not properly informed about world events? Surely people like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden etc should be the voice of the Media as they tell the world events as it is, no bullshit and not some asshole like Rupert Murdoch who spied on UK officials to obtain advantages for his TV companies in the form of information. Such espionage is tantamount to treason. Hence Western Democracy becomes a sham, a travesty, a tool to keep the masses in control and made to believe they are free to choose how their Government conducts itself.


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